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As an ECO and Aloha Ambassador Zane has added speaking engagements to his global work, If you would like a consultation or learn more about bringing in Zane for your school, corporate or community group, simply fill out the CONTACT form.

Zane Speakers Kit 2018

From schools to businesses, to Rotary Clubs, corporate motivational or workshop events – and SUP events, audiences come away motivated, inspired, entertained and full of the “Zaniac” spirit. Connecting with the local community at home, and wherever he travels, is a top priority for Zane. His InZane SUPer Grom clinics have taught thousands of kids to swim, surf, paddle – and to respect the Ocean. Pocket of Plastic Challenge (Instagram #pocketofplasticchallenge) was the first step in Zane’s outreach to millions.


Zaniac is a nickname Zane earned throughout his youth, while launching himself into every sport his older brother and friends enjoyed, was “Zaniac.” Zane likes to explain what Zaniac means to him, “The word ‘maniac’ can mean someone who is obsessively enthusiastic. Zaniac may have originated from the way I give 110% to whatever I do. Over time I developed a relentlessness in pursuit of both my dreams and acknowledging gratitude. Each day begins with reflection and mindfulness around goals and purpose. I am blessed.”


Download Zane’s Speaker’s Kit here: Zane Speakers Kit 2018

sacred heart schoolZane is extremely respected and loved for the philanthropic work he does world wide. Zane’s greatest personal achievements have historically been his competition results and world ranking stats. But Zane has always cared deeply for the well-being of others and the preservation of our planet. In 2012 Zane and his family co-founded “Stand Up for the Cure,” a Stand Up Paddle Event that has raised over $1,000,000 for uninsured cancer patients in the past 7 years alone. He founded his own “InZane SUPer Groms” where he teaches children at home and around the world how to swim, surf and share Aloha while taking care of each other and our oceans. He is a Global Ambassador for multiple organizations such as Mighty Under Dogs, Access Surf, Thera Surf, Surfer’s Healing, One Ocean, Sustainable Surf and more. InZane SUPer Grom Video Here

Recently, Zane has taken on the role of a motivational speaker at schools both in Hawai’i and across the U.S, sharing his inspirational message of Innovate & Inspire. This endeavor helps Zane share Aloha around the world. Teaching the next generation the importance of following their dreams by finding what is important to them and then sharing it with others is core to all his presentations to young people. Living a healthy and active lifestyle while learning our responsibility (kuleana) of taking care of our planet by making it a better place for all  is key to who Zane is. As you explore this website you will come to understand Zane better and what it means to BE A ZANIAC and to live an InZane BLUE LIFE.