Westin Maui Resort and Spa – Flagship Blue Life Destination

westin1You can experience the essence of Hawaii at The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, in Ka’anapali. Their breathtaking oceanfront setting on legendary Ka’anapali Beach provides the perfect backdrop for wonderful memories of your getaway or family vacation. You will feel a solid “Blue Life” connection as you enjoy their lavish, 87,000-square-foot aquatic playground with five pools, waterslides, tropical gardens, waterfalls and a cave with a hidden Jacuzzi. Throughout the resort there is a commitment to the Waterman life that includes stewardship for the ocean and the natural treasures that abound on Maui.

What is the “Blue Life” connection? Just as The Westin Maui is connected to the Pacific Ocean, we are all connected to the Ocean. To celebrate and preserve that connection the team at The Westin Maui have put into practice many daily processes throughout the resort that are “blue” actions that improve the health of the environment and the Ocean.

They have chosen to work with the team at Blue Life Publications, 15 X world title holder and Ultimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer and author/educator, Judy Shasek to provide Blue Life Journals for guests at the resort. The journal is designed to gently instill habits and awareness that will nudge visitors’ everyday life choices toward those that will create a positive impact during their visit to Maui. Upon returning home, those habits can continue in your community, the Ocean and the environment. As humans sharing this planet, we have a deep and life-giving connection to the Ocean. The health and survival of the deep blue Oceans is linked directly to our own survival.

Guests of The Westin Maui can practice “Blue Life” choices and “live like a local” on Maui. The Hawaiian practice of Kuleana and Mālama will add a rich and satisfying aspect for Kekis and families during their stay

Kuleana is a uniquely Hawaiian value and practice which is loosely translated to mean “responsibility.” For example, Hawaiians have a kuleana to our land: to care for it and to respect it, and in return, our land has the kuleana to feed, shelter, and clothe us, through this relationship we maintain balance within society and with our natural environment. Families practicing kuleana while on Maui will have new perspective and a “Waterman’s” way of enjoying each experience.

Mālama  inspires us to take care of and preserve all parts of our Island Earth. Mālama Honua means to take care of and protect everything that makes up our world: land, oceans, living beings, our cultures, and our communities. It means learning from the lessons of islanders to take care of your limited resources, as though you were living on a canoe in the open ocean or an island in the middle of the sea. On a canoe, water, food, plants, and other basic needs are in limited supply and are tended to with great care; so too we must tend to our resources on islands, and for all of Island Earth.

Come learn the true meaning of thankfulness or ‘Mahalo’ at the captivating Westin Maui resort.