In Touch with Nature: Kids-Love-Respect

kids_natureWhat is possible when the optimism, perspective, energy and imagination of young people are funneled into connected action steps?

Looking at what almost seems to be impossible or abstract and obtaining a road-map toward solutions is a very compelling journey for young people. And their parents and teachers. The goal of Blue Life for Kids is to open the door to individual ideas and actions while connecting those actions into a wave of hope.

While many view the young generation as tech-crazed, game playing, cell phone wielding  mysteries, we see them as socially, technically connected possibility. Never has there been a generation so detached from Nature, while having the ability to do more for it. We hope to re-establish a personal connection with nature and like minded others.

Image: Thank you to Liz Cunningham, Author of Ocean Country

Everyone concerned about the fate of our planet can come along on the Blue Life journey no matter where they live. A child may not camp by a pristine riverbank falling asleep to the howl of a wolf or float spellbound, snorkel in mouth, as a sea turtle swims lazily by. Our Blue Life Curriculum for Kids is designed to bring the ocean and many aspects of nature right into the home and the classroom. We do not charge for the curriculum. We are working to build a tribe of change agents for nature, the environment – and especially the ocean. We hope to inspire future stewards for the ocean. Contact us for more information.

It’s a 3-step adventure:

  1. Students are guided by a teacher (or family) to write in their Blue Life Journal for Kids each day for 28 days. (That is the immersion, we hope that the habit will continue indefinitely)
  2. Teachers can use the PowerPoint slide decks (with scripts) and the digital worksheets regularly during that 4-week immersion into Blue Life.
  3. We will work with teachers and schools ready to expand their participation in any of hundreds of different ways – through an online connection. SO many resources are available, so many organizations have infrastructure ready once the seed for Blue Life is planted and ready to thrive.

Contact us for more information.