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Beautiful Indonesia

In late July 2018, Grades of Green staff Emily S and Emily G returned from an amazing expedition in Indonesia with 5 Gyres and Oceanic Society to measure plastic pollution in our oceans and to come up with solutions with a dream team of activists, scientists and educators. They acted as citizen scientists in action using the 5 Gyres mantra trawl to collect plastic samples from the Indian Ocean!

In the classroom and out in the world, GRADES OF GREEN is changing the course of the future by instilling environmental values in students today. Grades of Green began in 2008 at Grand View Elementary in California by four moms wanting a better world for their children. After receiving an award from the EPA, the founders created a non-profit so that other schools would have free and easy access to the tools and information needed to empower and inspire students to care for the environment.

With BLUE LIFE JOURNAL co-author Zane Schweitzer

(Check out their BLOG for all the stories) Grades of Green offers 40+ Grades of Green Activities aimed to instill environmental values in students. Whether you want to concentrate on conserving air, energy, waste, water, or toxins, Grades of Green has an array of Activities that will help protect the environment today while instilling environmental values in students for years to come. Join the Grades of Green community today, they are excited to work with you!

Here’s an example of Grades of Green’s enormous impact on the daily life of students – our future stewards of the environment and our best hope for “blue life” habits and change. From their website:

gglunchThe results are in, and Grades of Green is thrilled to share the 7th annual Trash Free Lunch Challenge final report! Click here for the report which includes a summary detailing the success of each participating Los Angeles school, and highlights from this year. Collectively, the 2017-2018 Trash Free Lunch Challenge has educated and inspired over 13,000 students on how to reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost); saved schools over $11,500 by reducing trash bag liners used and waste hauler fees; and empowered participating schools to divert over 46,300 bags of trash, or 463 tons from the landfill.  That’s the same weight as 116 African elephants! On average, this year’s schools diverted 65% of their lunch waste from the landfills, and winning schools reduced their waste by over 80%.

This program would not be possible without the support of our amazing sponsors. We thank the following:  Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles CountyLush CosmeticsNorthrop Grumman,  LA Kings Care FoundationLos Angeles County 4th District, the Carton Council, and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation.

Inspired and interested in starting an environmental movement in your school or community? Sign up for Grades of Green’s Water Campaignkicking off in August 2018! Email for more information.