No matter how good our intentions or how diligent we might be, avoiding plastic has become almost impossible.  A recent study at the University of Exeter found that 86% of teens have BPA in their digestive system.  That’s a sobering fact but not as nearly able to touch our emotions as images of a dying turtle riddled with plastic straws or a formerly pristine beach wall-to-wall with discarded plastic. (Featured photo Images: Caroline Power Photography)

Parley for the Oceans works globally to encourage and educate individuals to “Avoid, Intercept and Re-Design” their habits around plastic products. That is a huge undertaking. Zane Schweitzer was particularly changed by his experience with Parley’s Parley Ocean School in early 2017. (story here) As Zane shares in his book, Beneath the Surfacea life is created by the mindful reflection and practice of daily journaling.

Inspiring a person to adopt the smaller habit of writing in their Blue Life Journal for a few minutes each morning and night is the first step. Engaging one person can lead to engaging millions. Your family, your clients, your employees, your guests can all become part of the momentum that can lead to bringing our Oceans back to health – and designing our own survival.

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Parley for the Oceans’ A.I.R Initiative makes powerful good sense. Click image to learn more.