Book Reviews

Zane Schweitzer’s first book is lighting up with five-star reviews. Beneath the Surface is written through his voice as a master story-teller, full of actual pages from his lifetime of journal writing and engaging with its spirit of adventure – and vulnerability.

About Zane

Zane Schweitzer is a third generation Professional Waterman, Ocean Advocate and Anbassador of Aloha who has excelled in every action sport that has crossed his path. His love and respect for the Ocean is vibrant and visible to anyone who has met him in person.

Following in his fathers footstep’s as 18X world Champion, Zane began his career as a child, dominating the Windsurf scene with great results and internationally recognized media coverage. Recently taking his second win at The Ultimate Waterman event (2016 and 2017) and earning the ISA World title in Fiji in 2017 indicate both his prowess and his passion.

Zane gives his all at every long distance race and big wave event! A lifetime of global travel and competition (since age 11) has garnered him a collection of adventures and stories – collected in his daily journals. Zane is eager to share his personal stories and insights. They have led him on a learning journey that most recently sparked his mission to be an ECO Ambassador for the Ocean, the environment and to #innovateandinspire the next generation.

His knowledge and connection with the ocean all stem from his lifelong pursuit of his passion – the Ocean as our home and our playground.

Book Reviews

Ali S: A great read based on the power of journaling to keep grounded, grateful and grow performance. Illustrated by great stories of resilience, humbleness, thoughtfulness and taking action to take care of people, communities and our oceans. Zane is a deep thinker so this book challenges you, the reader in many ways.

Darrin H: Awesome book. It really makes you think about what differences you can make in someone else’s life, how to handle failure, and how to be humble by taking one step and realizing how everyone that you meet in life has a purpose on your path. I have loved it and will be having my 16 year old, 13 year old twins, and 10 year old read it. All four being paddlers and surfers. Completely inspiring.

Madeline L: I have read many books, but never have I read any other book that is more inspiring than this one! Beneath the Surface is filled with lots of steps on how we can live up to our full potential in life and motivates us to be our best selves. Beneath the Surface inspires me to chase after my dreams in life and to not be afraid while doing so. Zane tells his stories with so much passion and description, that it feels like you are there along side him in places like Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand and more! A definite read if you’re looking to be humbled, while motivated at the same time. I love this book so much, I’m currently reading it for a second time! Thanks Zane for challenging us to innovate and inspire the world!!

L.D: The word awesome is so misused and overused these days, but I would definitely use it for Zane Kekoa Schweitzer. I am truly amazed at Zane’s skill, his focus, and his practice of kuleana for the ocean and for the land. “Beneath the Surface” has depth and meaning for all of us – land lovers or water worshipers! We were fortunate to receive this inspirational and easy-to-read book as a gift and eagerly await the next one! Mahalo for such an engaging book.

E.S: I have followed Zane Schweitzer’s career as a Waterman for many years. I had in my mind what an athlete and inspiring person he was – giving always to peers, kids and his community. It was an honor and life-changing experience to work with him on his first book, BENEATH THE SURFACE. Not only is he a master at story-telling, he has a lifetime of journals that have helped him to “Believe and Create” a life on inspiration and innovation. Zane generously shares a peek inside some of his actual journals – you will feel like he is right there with you as you read. If you are looking for a practice that will support your quest to be your best and manifest your future – THIS is a book to make your own.

Dennis F: Zane Kekoa Schweitzer is such an inspiring person with an absolutely positive vibe. Every line in his book speaks aloha and everyone who has had the chance to meet him in person can confirm that he lives the spirit. He has not just written this book to make the world a better place – he lives every word on a daily basis and teaches the reader to do the same. He wanted to write this book for his family and children in the first place. With publishing the book, we all get a glimpse of Zanes thoughts, life and beliefs.
The book is about his path of becoming the ultimate waterman and the philosophical and spiritual aspects and lessons he learns along the way. It teaches you how to reflect on a daily basis and to be openminded when it comes to new things that appear along the journey. You can learn to fulfill your dreams step by step. Every occasion has a certain meaning to your life and this book teaches you methods to reveal these meanings. It can bring you closer to yourself and gives you ways to listen to your inner thoughts and wishes.
“Beneath the surface” is a must read to everyone who is searching for advices and methods. I can recommend this book to everyone else too. It contains well written stories about the life of a Hawaiian waterman and comes with very fascinating stories which makes this book fun to read.
I learned a lot about myself reading this book e.g. I started a 5-Minute-Journal and I feel that it helps me to be more positive, grateful and openminded. Without Zanes book I wouldn’t have started journaling. Since I was on Hawaii for the first time, I was fascinated by their culture and the Hawaiian way of life. I was trying to find the true meaning of Aloha since then. This book taught me so many new things that gave me a better understanding of Aloha and myself.
Mahalo Zane for sharing this book with us.

Lurta N: From the first moment that i meet Zane Schweitzer I feel the clear energie as clean powerfull water that he has ,the energie that he spread doing everything, his knowledge as a pure waterman is only up to a few people in the world , always ready for the action and with an incredible sensibility to teach and share his knowledge and the aloha spirit.
you can not waste time with him because he take away all the redundant or superfluos things and go straight to the important things , this book is a good time to invest learning from Zane in how to improve like sport people and to live better as humans.