Blue Life

What’s a Blue Life?  As an ambassador for nonprofit organization Sustainable Surf, Zane became inspired by their Deep Blue Life program, and he now wants to share his own commitment and ideas for making daily pro-active choices with millions of people around the world – so that we can all work together to help save our oceans. Joining forces with author/educator Judy Shasek, the BLUE LIFE JOURNAL  has become a reality.

Zane Schweitzer’s commitment to creating an easy-to-use tool that can help people make small habit changes led to the creation of the Blue Life Journal. Whether you live by the Ocean, rivers, lakes, streams or bays, everyday habits and a “pono” life allow you to be the HOPE for the future. Our very survival depends on all of us innovating and inspiring each other. Check out our PROJECTS & PEOPLE page. We are creating the Blue life Journal  for you, and for that reason.

The following two videos will let you know what living a #DeepBlueLife means to a World Champion Waterman, and how his simple, daily choices have allowed his “blue lifestyle” to become a reality.

Learn more at Starboard Blue

So much dedication and talent went into the production of this film. Special mahalo to Hoku Haiku for his role as Hawaiian Cultural Advisor and narrator. The film was directed by Michael Stewart of Sustainable Surf. It was filmed and edited by Matty Schweitzer of Mat5o Media

The film was made possible by the support and inspiration of many: Music/Stick Figure Music, Tim Moyer/Lahaina Family Farm, Choice Health Bar, InZane SUPer Groms, Johnny Pitzer, Captain Bryan Stewart, The Schweitzer Family, Svein Rasmussen and Starboard