In early 2016, over an impromptu breakfast meeting, Ultimate Waterman and elite SUP athlete Zane Schweitzer and Elder SUP/Water Words author and paddling grandma, Judy Shasek met for the first time. By November 2017 Zane’s first book, Beneath the Surface, was released.  Shasek’s vision for a book that shared the adventure, wisdom, philosophy and down-to-earth vulnerability of Zane Schweitzer and Zane’s gift as a “master story-teller” was a perfect combination. Beneath the Surface was received with stellar reviews by all readers.

Because Beneath the Surface was built upon actual journals and a solid and daily practice of journaling, Zane was showered with requests for a journal of his own design. With a background in project, content development and a passion for inspiring habits that positively impact our environment and Ocean almost as strong as Zane’s, Judy Shasek was the natural collaborator for the Blue Life Journal.

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