Innovate Our Way Out of Trouble? Absolutely!

There are 46,000 pieces of trash in every square mile of Ocean

46,000 pieces of anything is a LOT! But trash in the beautiful deep blue sea – that is heart breaking. Heart breaking because it is ugly, but even more because plastic is most often death for marine life. They are the quiet and innocent victims of habits that need to be changed. They have no voice in the “what can we do about plastic” debate.

ecoverGood News! A Belgian company called Ecover is now making their cleaning product packaging from plastic fished out of the sea. Taking plastic right out of the ocean, the company then processes it into detergent and dish soap containers. They are calling their new product the “Ocean Bottle” in an effort to bring attention to the problem of plastic pollution in our precious waterways.

Where will Ecover get their plastic? They will use waste retrieved by fishermen or from boats fitted with special equipment to trawl the sea for waste.

This is a clever company with a sense of humor (check out the image directly from their cool website).

Not only are they making “ocean friendly” bottles, they have re-invented soap. They figured out that fermentation can also be used to make effective ingredients for soap. Through fermentation Ecover can turn sugars into alcohols that can be used as solvents—the cleaning agents in many of our formulas that dissolve oils and other stains. And by using nature-inspired chemistry like fermentation, Ecover is able to minimize our impact on the environment.

Many conventional cleaning processes typically involve high-heat, high-intensity practices to produce ingredients. While these processes can be quicker and cheaper, making ingredients this way requires a lot of energy and can lead to unwanted by-products that can be bad for the environment. Conventional processes can also emit more greenhouse gases and consume more water. So Ecover attempts to limit their use of conventional processes when they can. This is #InnovateandInspire on a huge scale. YAY!!!!!

One Million Sea Animals Die Every Year from Sea Waste

Indonesia, Sangalakki Island. This endangered green turtle is sitting at a cleaning station waited ot be serviced by small fish that scour it's surface for dead and diseased tissue. The common name "green" comes from the color of its fat.

Blue shared in a recent article, “Ocean waste is a major issue in all parts of the globe. Fish in the northern Pacific alone ingest up to 24,000 tons of plastic waste and every year at least one million sea animals die from ingesting sea waste. Once waste gets into the ocean environment, it can take thousands of years to degrade.”

There are so many ways we can make a difference. Yes, we can clean up plastic from the sea. But, maybe even more importantly, we can stop using “new” plastic. Ecover is smart and making an innovative journey.

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