One More Generation: Youngest Generation Leaders

Founders and Motivating Leaders – Carter and Olivia Ries

When we think about organizations leading change and inspiring others to develop awareness and habits around reducing single use plastic we don’t think of two kids on a mission. That’s exactly what started One More Generation.

The founders of One More Generation, Carter and Olivia Ries, (their story here) started their endeavor when they were still in elementary school. They believe that children have the power to solve the issues of endangered species and threats to the environment. That belief can fuel a powerful hope for us all.

As an educator, I was thrilled to see the peer mentoring they do through the well-designed curriculum available at their website. Sharing this at your favorite school or with a teacher might be one of the most important “blue life” things you do.

Carter and Olivia understand the importance of providing people with an easy entry to making change – something as easy as not using plastic straws. Their OneLessStraw campaign allows us to pledge for a positive action. Carter and Oliva explain it like this, “We created the “OneLessStraw Pledge Campaign” as a way for each of us to get involved. Affecting change is as easy as saying ‘No’. You don’t have to buy anything. You don’t have to convince others to do what you are doing. You merely have to say ‘No’ to all plastic straws.”

Video is the best way to share a story. Take a look at their TEDx Youth presentation.

Every great initiative has more reach through committed partners. At Blue Life Connections, our reach grows through your actions, connections with great leaders and sharing stories and “blue life” habits. Carter and Olivia wanted to be sure that we let people know who their partners are – click here for the full story.

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