Picking up Plastic Litter: A Game?

litterati tomato
These tomatoes did NOT ask to be packaged in single use plastic

Strolling along a roadside, a forested trail or a beach is all part of my outdoor fun. When I can’t be paddling or surfing, cycling or skiing – I explore on two legs. And yes, I pick up other people’s litter. Today I picked up a plastic container (single use) used to wrap some tomatoes. I had just bought 3 beautiful organic tomatoes wrapped only in what nature provided. Those tomatoes made it to my salad just fine – no need for any additional plastic armor. But this time, I posted that plastic box on a cool app on my phone – Litterati. That made the act of picking up the litter more meaningful.

It’s annoying sometimes (all the time) to think of the person making the CHOICE (and it is a choice) to toss their single use plastic and trash out a car window or into a river or lake. But like so many of you – we are consistently stewards of the ocean and the environment. Geo-tagging litter and being part of a global community tagging and counting all we pick up with the Litterati app DID make the process more fun.

I just recently started using that app called Litterati .  The app, developed by Jeff Kirschner, does its best to make it fun to pick up trash. I enjoyed hearing his TED talk (you can too – it is just 6 minutes long) about the journey toward Litterati. We crowdsource many things – this time it is all about small actions for a cleaner planet.

The earth is a big place to keep clean. With Litterati — an app for users to identify, collect and geotag the world’s litter — TED Resident Jeff Kirschner has created a community that’s crowdsource-cleaning the planet. After tracking trash in more than 100 countries, Kirschner hopes to use the data he’s collected to work with brands and organizations to stop litter before it reaches the ground. Now THAT is the way to stop it at its source.

Additionally, I like this video showing the power of kids – our best hope for the future.

And for all of us, here is an article sharing ways to make our next trip grocery shopping ZERO-WASTE. 


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