Your Passion Fuels Ocean Solutions

During the time period of January – June 2018 many individuals that are passionate about “being the Blue Life solution” for our voiceless friend, the Ocean, will be using the Blue Life Journal. If you want your “early release” copy of the Blue Life Journal (coming August 1, 2018) Pre-order here.

ashleybdrone2In a challenging, even overwhelming, situation whether in business, life – or our fragile environment – creativity is the ability to design original, meaningful ideas that shake the foundations of traditional “The way we’ve always done it” mindset. (Photo Credit: Karim Illya of Ashley Baxter)

The lone creative genius who has the “fix it” innovation represents old school thinking. Today, in teams, environmental organizations and businesses across the world, it’s true that no one person holds all the pieces of the puzzle. For that reason we have created this CONVERSATIONS vehicle so that creativity can be nurtured and supported throughout Blue Life Journal Publications. Together, we connect and collaborate by the daily practice of Blue Life Journal-ing. We will create the very survival and hope the Ocean requires by offering up our own ideas and building on those of others. Organizations, innovative projects and – YOU! Connect and share via your social media. Check us out on Twitter.

Hope will come from the groundswell; the people and the Blue Life community. It has to, because our viral explosion of ideas can fuel the next SUPERTREND.  (Click to Learn More)

Individual small actions will drive the habits central to the health of our Oceans – and our own survival. All of this is very good news to us because our core competency is connecting people, into communities that ‘Innovate and Inspire.” Together, we have the power to change our environment.

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