The Journey Begins

Inzane-super-groms-1Throughout 2018 Zane Schweitzer and Judy Shasek will be having conversations with surfers, stand up paddlers, caring citizens from around the globe. They will be speaking at schools, in the workplace, at Rotary Clubs and with groups concerned about the future of our Earth, and the Ocean. The goal: To engage a million+ individuals in the practice of making a Blue Life choice every day and writing it down in their Blue Life Journal.

That small, simple act will generate a mindset, strong habits and a tidal wave of inspiration that can turn the tide on the devastation inflicted on the environment – and our deep, blue Oceans.

Their inspiration has originated from a love of the Ocean, but their dedication to making a powerful, daily difference in the lives of millions has come from the example of so many hard-working and knowledgeable individuals. The organizations, individuals and groups featured in the first few CONVERSATIONS and the PEOPLE AND PROJECTS section include: Svein Rasmussen of Starboard and Starboard Blue, Cyrill Gutsch of Parley for the Oceans, and Michael Stewart of Sustainable Surf (Learn more here)

Together, each doing our small part consistently, we can change the world. Believe and Create! — Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

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