Welcome to the home of the Blue Life Journal community. Thank you for being part of our VISION:

Connecting people to save the Ocean

Connecting many small actions to generate a global spectrum of solutions

The Blue Life Journal is a unique journal that allows short, daily reflection inspired by cues that include gratitude, creating an amazing day and – our favorite – planning for daily actions and choices that drive a positive impact on the environment and the Ocean. Blue Life choices!

The Blue Life Journal will be formally released in Summer 2018. During our production year, we will be meeting with and speaking to people of all ages and all walks of life – why? Individuals, businesses, schools and a diverse array of special interest groups need the Blue Life Journal to ensure the health of the Ocean – and our own survival. The more we know the better the project will be.

Customized versions of the Blue Life Journal can be developed for a broad audience. CONTACT US with your needs and interests. Change and innovative BLUE LIFE habits can START NOW.

Blue Life Connections is a virtual community of individuals sharing consistent “Blue Life” choices and actions that create collective positive impact on Ocean health. Join us today!

ONE + TOGETHER = HOPE A global “Blue Life” community drives Ocean stewardship and plastic-use cultural change through shared environmentally proactive choices.

Be sure to check out our ABOUT page to learn more about the creators of the Blue Life Journal. A more unlikely  team of collaborators  would be hard to find.

What’s a “Blue Life?” Learn more here.

How can you start living YOUR “Blue Life” even before the Blue Life Journal is released? Learn more here by following our BLOG, “CONVERSATIONS.”

Learn from your past, live in your present, manifest your future. — Zane Kekoa Schweitzer